Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MILF fight

Mia has unfortunatley (hopefully temporarily retired) but now that Holly has arrived I wonder which MILF would win a drag down hairpulling catfight, my money says Holly !

Monday, February 13, 2012

fight brewing, Sahara vs nat

These two sexy girls are going to fight and the competiton is starting already as to who can put up the sexiests pics, just love a good fight build up

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catz Review is a disgrace !!

Amazing, here I am trying to drum up interest in the UK catfight scene and the catz review owner complains about my site and without even writing to me gets all posts about his site deleted. well fuck him if that's what he wants he can go swivel.

This petty attitude is what is killing the industry so I hope eventually this tosser goes out of business

rant over

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Faith vs Carmen first fight

This was their first match and it is evident that both girls wanted the win and just look at their faces at the end. Carmen out for revenge and Faith wanting to stay top cat !

Friday, January 20, 2012

The makings of a tasty rematch - Faith vs Carmen to catfight again !

Faith and carmen have history and they want to settle things. their first fight was a cracker and was full on with lots of hard slapping and vicious hairpulling. The first fight went to Faith and at the end she mercilessly took advantage of carmen with a face sit to end the fight and it's safe to say that Carmen was none too pleased.

This is what they said to each other yesterday and you can tell that they mean business. points 1 and 2 from my catfight recipe well and truly met!

Faith: "The thought of Carmen having any chance of taking me down is just laughable. I think the girl just enjoys a good beating from better bitches. :lol:  Still... If she is offering herself to my abuse.. who am I to deny her the... displeasure ;) "

Carmen's reply: " you wont be laughing when ive ripped out handfulls of your f*cking hair you silly bitch :evil: "

see for yourself that fight number 1 was wild

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recipe for a good catfight

For me this is what is needed to put on a good catfight

1. Build up. The girls talking openly about their upcoming fight, some bitching included and possibly a rematch so there is history

2. Added incentive. Maybe a cash bonus, maybe a fight for status, ie a title or jus for reputation ie unbeaten.

3. Underlying dislike. They can't be friends, not outright hatred as there needs to be respect for each others fighting skills but there should be some basic rivalry.

4. A desire to leave your mark. Be it the removal of hair, the leaving of a red raw body but most important an intense desire not to lose.

So far I have seen 3 fights in the uk with all these elements, all at bitchfight

Cassie vs Emma
Electra vs cc title fight
Ruby vs Chelsea team fight

I am very keen to find fights from other companies that have these elements that I may have missed

Monday, January 16, 2012

sexy fight photo

Is there as anything as arousing as two sexy girls fighting on your couch in short skirts assuming they are figitng over us hey guys !

Friday, January 13, 2012


Just like her fiery namesake from the Opera carmen is both sexy and wild. Not sure about her singing but omg she likes a fight. Going from strength to strength as she gains experience she gets me going every time I see one of her fights.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Faith just loves to fight and has a fantastic pain threshold so her fights are long and intense. Is getting better and better with every fight and has been undefeated for nearly a year now !!


What can I say, super sexy, explosive fighter with incredible stamina. Sahara is queen of the desert alright and will fight girls larger than herself just for when so when she scraps with someone her own size she is virtually unbeatable. Can anybody her size take her down? I doubt it.

5ft2 – size 8 – 34B - Lightweight

Justice, laying down the law as she fights

Justice is a relative newcomer but in just 3 fights she has shown she is not to be messed around. She just loves to fight and is a pocket rocket for sure. 5"2' and size 10 34B. Always looking to prove she is top bitch

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nat The Diamond

The diamond was one of the first catfighters on the UK scene and has won far more fights than she has lost. Always improving, she loves to slap her opponent silly and has often removed large chunks of her rivals hair. Either blond or brunette she is a stunner that sure can fight

Interview 1 with Electra

This is the first time I got to chat with electra and it showed why she just loves to fight.

Catfight_luvr: Hi electra, straight into the first question that a lot people want to hear answered, me especially “Tell me, how did you first discover that you liked a good catfight?”

Electra: I discovered i liked a good catfight in school when i was about 13 i was always starting fights with the other girls, and as i have got older i have got a very short temper so i can flip very easily
Catfight_luvr: have you had many fights over the years?

Electra: Prob about 30
Catfight_luvr: Ouch !!, Tell us about one of the best ones.

Electra: On the metro in Brussels me and an ex friend where arguing and she just punched me in the face, so it totally went off she had a hair piece in at the time and that just got ragged out of her head everybody on the metro started screaming and some big woman tried to get in between us and split us up, we where punching and kickin’ hell out of each other until we got to our stop i got out of the door in time an the girl who i was fighting got trapped in the door and everybody was trying to open the doors to release her funny
Catfight_luvr: Awesome response Electra, why does that never happen to me on the tube; “Do you tell many people about your catfight skills or keep this to yourself,”

Electra: I tell some people but i like to keep it to myself
Catfight_luvr: “Are people shocked when you tell them?”

Electra; Yes very and want to ask me lots of questions about it, and then some also want to come with me to have a go for themselves
Catfight_luvr: That I can understand and I love the idea that you have pals that you may bring, maybe Team Electra is in the formation!

Catfight_luvr: The photos you have had on the site clearly show you are a top model as well as catfighter, Is modelling your preferred profession or have you desires on other things?

Electra: Well a mixture of modelling and adult movies
Catfight_luvr: Oh oh , sorry distracted there did you say Adult movies, holy schmoly where was I…oh yes, catfights haha, Tell me, how does your boyfriend feel about you fighting?.

Electra; My boyfriend doesn’t really mind he just doesn’t want me to get hurt an says make sure u kick ass he has faith in me
Catfight_luvr: I can understand that, lucky guy, “Have you ever fought another girl over a fella?”

Electra; Yes and I’d do it again if any bitch tries to get in between me and my man
Catfight_luvr: Now I think that’s the answer that we all love to hear, whilst your feeling that way…“The diamond recently told us all about a rival she wants to bring to Bitchfight, tell us about your most hated rival that you would most like to get onto the catfight mat?”

Electra: A certain girl I know thinks she is so hard and is really full of herself id love to bring her back down to earth with a bang and show her what I’m really made of and smash her little face right in it would have to be a no holds barred fight with her thou cos i wouldn’t have no self discipline
Catfight_luvr: OMG Electra you make me shudder, I reckon she would get quite the surprise and we would get quite the treat seeing that. “So apart from winning a catfight what makes Electra tick?”

Electra; Go for a nice meal and then go clubbing with my boyfriend or friends
Catfight_luvr:; Now there’s a thought for post the next days filming, You clearly are a fighter but What would make you turn down a fight?

Electra; If i knew in myself i needed to train harder in BF, Outside of BF i wouldn’t id just go for it
Catfight_luvr: Very nice, I can just see you on a night out face to face and then , oh sorry distracted again. Just a few more questions, thinking of anybody you like, Who in the whole world would you most like to lock hair with and why?”

Electra; My Boyfriends sister i hate her
Catfight_luvr: Keep it in the family nice, before you go I want to ask you about your fight with cassie. In that you were dominant from start to finish and it was an amazing introduction can you tell us your favourite fighting style?

Electra; I like being in total control i hate losing and I’m very stubborn too
Catfight_luvr: There you go girls and guys, I can tell Electra is going to set the site on fire soon. Finally “Do you have a message for any one catfighter ?”

Electra; No don’t need to they will get the message when i fight them

Catfight_luvr: Way to go Electra and thank you so much for being so honest.

There you go guys, the gorgeous and very feisty Electra has clearly set her mark with this interview, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now I’m off to track down Electra’s boyfriends sister and ask her for a date and maybe arrange a little clubbing with the strict intention of choosing the same club Electra likes, wishful thinking hey !!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The fight that first got me seriously interested in real UK catfights

Living in the East Midlands i will always remember this fight, one day my wife told me she had seen stickers in the local bus stop recruiting catfighters for a company in Nottingham, real housewives that wanted to fight. She teased me she would do it but when i saw this fight omg I was relieved she hadn't. This fight was incredible Debra was a wildcat and vicious and despite losing literally raked Sam's chest to pieces, what a nasty bitch she was and the first sign that the UK was about to explode on the catfighting scene.